Using Technology for Classroom Learning

Technology is forever changing, we are constantly being presented with new and improved software and gadgets that promise to be better, do more and work more efficiently that previous versions or another product.  In my previous post I focused on the students and the influences of technology so, in my second blog I am going to focus on me as a teacher.

In this week’s readings the most influential aspect I looked at was the TPACK model.  The framework combines three knowledge areas, technological knowledge, content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge.  I have seen this framework before but I never fully connected the dots.  I have since learned that it is the combination of these three elements working together to increase student motivation and to make the content more accessible to the students.

Firstly, and in line the TPACK framework, we must consider the content, this is the what of teaching.  Then we look at our pedagogical knowledge, this is the how?, our tools for example do we use direct instruction, is it going to be inquiry based, can we use group discussions, how to make the content more accessible by the way we present it?  Finally our technological knowledge, these are the resources that we use to engage students and make it accessible to the students while supporting the pedagogical strategy selected for delivery.

As we understand these elements of the model individually we start to make connections between them and helps us connect the right technology to the content, the right pedagogical strategy to the content etc.

When using technology in the classroom I must consider how I can adapt them to enhance the learning experiences I create for my students. For example the use of music DJ software AxPC to teach mathematical concepts.

Upon further reflection of the TPACK model I have come to find that it is important to be a life long learner, I need to question what I know and challenge myself to look for new and exciting ways to repackage content through the use of technology.

Prensky, M. (2001).Digital natives, digital immigrants. On the Horizon, 9(5), 1-6.Retrieved from – Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants – Part1.pdf


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